CTN Special Broadcast Rescuing Afghanistan tonight at 6:30 pm

This below is from Pastor Reza Safa a former Radical Muslim from Iran who have been broadcasting in Afghanistan since 2003 in order to make disciples with this precious Gospel. www.rescuingafghanistan.org

With a heavy heart I write this letter to all our friends and faithful partners. As you are aware of the situation in Afghanistan, the freedoms the Afghanis have experienced for the past twenty years have disappeared overnight.  www.rescuingafghanistan.org

We are currently in communication with several believers on the run for their lives awaiting some sort of help from us to get out of the country. 

We also have reports of women being whipped to death for talking on the phone with men, a woman was shot dead for wearing tight clothes, and no woman is allowed on the street without being chaperoned by a man. Taliban officials published a decree ordering local leaders to turn over lists of young girls and widows under 45 years old. They supply their fighters with young virgin girls and widow women.  

In the coming months, if nothing is done, Afghanistan will become one of the darkest places on planet earth. The Islam of the 7th century will dominate Afghanistan, resulting in death and terror for tens of thousands of people. 

I urge every believer to pray. Spend time praying for the Christians in Afghanistan. Pray for the women in Afghanistan.

In the coming months there will be no churches left in Afghanistan. Believers will be scattered and will be in fear of their lives every single day. A virtual church will be the only solution. We have identified a new satellite that reaches the entire nation of Afghanistan and want to raise additional funds to cover this expense. It requires an additional $5000/month for the satellite fee alone. So far we have raised $750/month. We are in need of an additional $4250. And lastly, we are asking pastors to send us programs with the message of HOPE so that we can translate and encourage believers. 

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