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The Grandson and Son of Pentecostal Pastors, Rich Nation grew up in North Georgia
where he attended school and college before heading west to Oklahoma to attend bible
school. There, he would eventually begin a career and ministry in Television and Video
Production, working for a large Christian TV network as well as several evangelical
ministries and churches. In the late 1990’s Rich started his own TV production business,
where he also began writing scripts and working with actors on low budget endeavors.
The turn of the century brought Rich to Florida where he continued to work in the
Christian Television arena and would eventually write, produce and direct the award
winning teen drama series “Walk on Water” that has been televised worldwide. A
feature film of the same title was also produced later. Today Rich continues to produce
TV content and assist other ministries as a consultant. You can contact Rich via email
at: or his website:

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