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Pastor Reza Safa former muslim from Iran

A leading voice of revival in the Muslim World and considered an expert on Islam and the threat of Radical Islam in America since 1980 when he converted from Islam to Christianity.

Pastor Safa founded Nejat Television in 2003 the first Christian Satellite Network into Iran and all the Middle East. Currently he serves as the Director of TBN Middle East – a partnership between four distinct television networks broadcasting Christian programming throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

TBN Middle East is translated into four distinct languages on four different networks and is broadcasted on six different satellites that cover over 85 nations.

Pastor Safa has traveled to over 70 nations holding mass healing crusades in unreached Countries of the world and conducts Islam Awareness Seminars, educating Americans on the immediate threat Radical Islam poses to the United States.

He has published five books on Islam including the 1996 Best Seller Inside Islam exposing the beliefs and spirit of Islam and provides insight on how to reach the Muslims for Christ. Pastor Reza has appeared on numerous radio and television networks.

Today, Pastor Reza Safa continues ministry from Orange County, California where he focuses on discipling the Muslim World with the Gospel of Jesus via Satellite Television.