Watch Generous People every Thursday’s at 7:00 PM EST

Generous People, the newest project of The Community Foundation, will be launching this Thursday, November 3rd, at 7:00pm Eastern Time across CTN Southwest Florida and by livestreaming around the world at

This television show was developed to showcase the people who make Southwest Florida a little bit brighter with their hard work and generosity to the community. Each episode will profile three of Southwest Florida’s movers and shakers from three different organizations, offering an inside look at how they make an impact. Over the next few months, Generous People will spotlight prominent organizations such as Brotherhood of Heroes, Goodwill Inc, and many more. From looks inside local museums, to activities out on the water, Generous People will immerse you in the activities and generosity happening in our community!

The Community Foundation created this project in partnership with Christian Television Network to shed some light on the amazing things that go on here in Southwest Florida, as well as to spread inspiration and positivity. Each of one our Generous People has made a change for the better in our beloved community, and you can too! Tune in to the Generous People premier on Thursday November 3 for an inside look at some of Southwest Florida’s most exciting and impactful initiatives.

The intention of this show is to promote the vision and mission of The Community Foundation by inspiring individuals to support, strengthen and enrich quality of life through generosity and civic engagement. There are so many organizations in the area that do just that, and they deserve to be recognized and celebrated! Southwest Florida boasts and strong and resilient community, and even in difficult times, there is light and positivity to be found. The Community Foundation and CTN hope that this show will be a source of inspiration, light, and celebration for the community that we so dearly love and serve.

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