Watch Thursday 7-4-24 12:00 noon-1:00 PM We The People & 6:30 PM A City on A Hill

Thursday 7-4-24 12:00 noon – 1:00 PM We The People

Description: Secularists today insist that our Constitution is “godless,” and that the founding fathers were primarily unbelievers. We the People explodes the fallacy of such claims showing the profound influence of Christianity on two key founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—with a primary focus on the latter. The Mayflower Compact began this process of constitution-making. But what about those who were denied Constitutional protections initially? We the People addresses fairly the horror of slavery and mistreatment of the Indians.

Thursday 7-4-24 6:30 PM A City on A Hill

Description: The Pilgrims, who founded Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, came to New England to worship the Lord in peace and freedom. A massive wave of like-minded Puritans came ten years later and founded Boston, Massachusetts. Their leader, Rev. John Winthrop, used Jesus’ phrase, “a city on a hill,” to describe what the Puritans were striving to create. In time, that phrase became a powerful metaphor for what America could become. A City on a Hill presents stories of the Puritans who settled New England, the Catholics who settled Maryland, the Quakers who settled Pennsylvania, and more. Woven into this documentary is the profound role Christianity played in the settlement of so many colonies that were to become the United States of America.

Tonight at 8:00 PM watch Little Note to Heaven

Little Note to Heaven Amelia is a young woman that has lived her whole life sheltered away in a pain ridden household. However, when the young and ambitious Kyle courts Amelia using little love notes, he teaches her how to break through her family struggles, helping...